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Why Your Enterprise Needs a Digital Business Transformation Strategy

Yet seizing these opportunities and creating value for customers and employees is increasingly challenging. Over the last decade, as a result of declining sales in drug products reaching maturity, Novartis was forced to repeatedly restructure the sales force and cut positions. Meanwhile the remaining sales representatives felt increasingly disengaged.

digital business transformation

IT is the driving force behind businesses these days, and without using digital tools, it is impossible to make a sale online. The solution that the digital transformation provides should be consistent. The leadership team should take the responsibility of building the digital system holistically. If there are redundant roles, then they need to be changed and new roles should be created. Its objective is to ensure that the end customer is delighted, it is only possible if all the systems are working like a charm. If there is no holistic approach for digital transformation, here’s how the scenario will be.

Examples of Digital Transformation by Job Function

Ensure that the strategy focuses on how it will benefit the customer immensely. First of all, digital transformation happens in phases, it does not make you abandon all the other projects that are going on. The organization can work on fixing a few touchpoints and gradually redo the entire legacy system. In fact, digital transformation will make everyone’s work easier. There is no doubt about the fact that digital transformation is one of the most popular buzzwords during these times.

digital business transformation

2015 – Various research papers from MIT and Deloitte say that digital transformation is not tech, but the driving force is strategy instead. Industries like consumer financial services, media, telecom, retail, and technology are immensely benefited by digital transformation programs. Digital Transformation seems to be a buzzword these days, but what does it truly mean? A digital transformation occurs when a business overhauls its processes, strategies, competencies, and activities to incorporate a mix of the newest technological opportunities into the organization to achieve desirable business outcomes. In their fifth annual State of Digital Transformation report, the Altimiter research group finds that, typically, the bulk of ownership is shared between the CIO and the CEO.


What do your customers and employees need most, and how can digital processes help? Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change business processes and projects—such as skilling employees to use new software platforms designed to help launch products faster. While digital transformation might include digitalization efforts, it goes beyond the project level and affects the entire organization. Many different paths lead to digital transformation and each organization’s journey will be unique. For example, a company might introduce AI or cloud computing to enhance its customer experience.

  • It generally takes multiple functions to share information and solve for a quality customer experience.
  • For example, there was a time when most businesses could respond that they will get back to an issue in 2 or 3 days.
  • Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.
  • According to Lardi, the solution lies in the careful creation of an ecosystem of stakeholders – workers, managers, business leaders, suppliers, and other external partners – that can work together to address these issues.
  • Local examples including governmental and non-private sector digital transformation in addition to profit organizations.

By 2022, just two years after Gartner’s sink-or-swim date, digital platform adoption will create new market leaders in roughly half of all industries. By taking this course, you will acquire the broad knowledge you need to confidently convey to companies, why you are the individual they need to help lead or manage their transformation. Transformation that executives need to focus and depend upon in the digital decade ahead – a critical component of their boardroom agenda. I would therefore recommend that all leaders take this course so that they have the principles necessary to lead their organisations through the digital disruption wave. Highly recommended for other professional who are interested in digital transformation..

Cloud-based ecosystems

“Say ‘digital’ to one person and they think of going paperless; another might think of data analytics and artificial intelligence; another might picture Agile teams; and yet another might think of open-plan offices,” she notes. Perform market https://globalcloudteam.com/ research to identify opportunities for new products or improvements on existing products. Digital transformations require investments of both time and money, so it’s important to have a system in place to measure the return on investment .

digital business transformation

Similarly, digital transformations have reshaped how companies approach customer service. The old model was to wait for customers to come find you, whether in person or by calling an 800 number. But the rise of social media has changed service much like it’s changed advertising, marketing, and even sales and customer service. Progressive companies embrace social media as a chance to extend their service offerings by meeting customers on their platforms of choice.

AI and machine learning solutions

Digital transformation is all about efficiency and connectedness. Businesses taking the digital transformation strategy further, the areas of improvement include increased collaboration among employees of different levels and improved what digital transformation means for business performance management. The digital transformation of businesses widely differs based on the organization’s specific challenges and demands; however, there are a few constants that all businesses should consider as they start on it.

Organizations in the top-right quadrant of Figure 1 achieve these benefits much more easily than those in other quadrants. DBT requires technology change, represented today by a sophisticated use of AMPS technologies, and organizational change. The new management decided that digital channels were the best way to reach the new consumers. The company redesigned its website, revamped its stores and fully engaged in social media. It also rejuvenated the workforce, trained in-store staff to use digital tools such as iPads and RFID tags, and launched various online campaigns. Employees were kept informed of new initiatives through webcasts, videos and chats.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital

As we have been telling you time and again, the solutions that you want for your business are completely different from what some other business might want from digital transformation. You need to be aware of the challenges that your company faces and determine the solutions that will fit your business. We can create digital representations of real-world objects, or digital twins, by using sensors embedded in physical objects to collect data that are processed. The concept of digital twins saves millions of dollars for businesses in the supply chain and manufacturing sector. Companies like Twin Health use this technology to reverse diabetes.

digital business transformation

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